Entry rating for new users is no more 1500

From now on, the rating for beginners will begin from 1000 instead of 1500. In short, when you participate in your first rated contest on CodeChef, your initial rating will be 1000 points to begin with. The above change will affect only the newly signed-up users of CodeChef, and those CodeCheffers who have not yet participated in their first rated contest.

Why this change?

  • From what we have observed, the ratings of most new users usually drops in their initial few contests. The reality is that ratings drop discourages users from practicing, learning and competing in more contests

For experienced programmers who are participating in CodeChef rated contests for the 1st time, they will need to participate in approximately 2 – 3 additional contests to discover their true rating.

Hope the new rating system brings more clarity about the actual skill levels of individual coders and keeps them true to the path of Learn → Practice → Compete without unnecessary distractions.

This new entry rating for beginners will come into force from Starters 25, which will be conducted on February 9, 2022.