EOF while submission in Python

I’m new here but when i a trying to submit or run i can’t do it.
keep getting the runtime error EOF
please help

solution link –https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/35366294

Is it from any ongoing contest because I can’t access?

its july challenge2020 division 2

Okay! You can’t ask about ongoing contest. You may ask after the contest gets over.

but just tell about removing that EOF error
its working fine with custom input and even in mine VSCode

Just search about your error on google. You will get many useful stuff. Even you can search EOF Codechef.
An advice- It is not bad to ask your doubts but make sure before asking you’ve put your effort in finding your doubt/error on your own or on internet.

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did that about half an hour
didn’t found anything working
submitted 4 times the modified ones
atleast just see the code

I can’t. It is ongoing contest. Refer this

thank you very much
appreciate your consideration

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I can’t share anything about question, but as i feel your question just related to input / output, So you could do something like this.

 while True:
        x = input()
    except EOFError:

You could get more tricks from stackoverflow.

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it worked
thank you very much

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thank you very much both of you
@akshitm16 and @hello_hell

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