Errichto Iinterview with <CodeNCode/>

hello guys this is CodeNCode.

yesterday @errichto joined me in an interview which you can watch on my youtube channel.

link to the interview : link

Again thanks to errichto for joining me.



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and i thought fire was bakugo’s quirk


If there is anyone who deserves this, it’s you my friend. Happy for you. Your content is excellent. :slight_smile:

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CodeNCode will be the best channel in future. Congrats and all the best bro

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@waqar_ahmad224 your content is really nice. Hoping to watch new content soon . Cheers to your achievement mate !! :slight_smile:

Wait till season 5 comes. :wink:

Was that spoiler ? :thinking:

It’s the best channel now too.


subscribed! good luck!

Not spoiler. More like a teaser.

Btw: I intentionally give fake spoilers to my friends and make them hate me initially and later when they find out that they were angry with me for no reason, they regret. :joy::joy::joy:

Your profile pic tells about your mindset. Congrats for CM and new profile pic

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Thanks :blush: