Error in codechef judge?

Why am i getting different verdicts for the same code?

Problem link Modular Equation
Solution 1 Link
Solution 2 Link

Both the above solutions are exactly same for the above problem. Then why is the result different?
In solution 1 some testcases are giving TLE. While in solution 2 all are giving AC.

Okay, so I copied both of your solutions and submitted them. I got AC for both the links.

  1. 1st submission
  2. 2nd submission

So, I think there’s definitely an issue with the online judge.

Thanks @ssjgz for helping me out.

Original post

I copied your 1st solution and I got AC for all test cases Here’s my 1st submission
For the 2nd solution, I got SIGSEGV error while running the code.

Inspite of that I submitted it. So, this is my
2nd submission Yes, it gives AC!! :rofl:
So, I think there’s definitely some problem with the online judge.

That’s because you Ran it without Providing “Custom Input”.


Some variation in execution times is expected, though I think you’d have to be pretty unlucky to get the variation the OP’s two solutions have.

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Thanks! This was totally new for me.

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