Error in ICPC selected team list for Amritapuri [Updated 320 slots]

Tiered ,of finding errors in selected team list for Amritapuri [really disappointed] :

  • Number of slots under the criteria for - " Top team from each institution is selected according to the rank order " were increased to 186 [from 169], but the lowest rank team to get selected is “lazy_solvers”, who were also the lowest rank team to get selected before. How is that even possible.

  • I found two teams “neeche se top” and “waiting_for_a_nudge” from the same institute “Indian Institue of Technology Patna” with rank greater than 200 and both them are selected. And there are many such teams . Under which selection criteria they got selected??

I didn’t saw any responsible announcement from the Amritapuri site on a public domain , about the mistakes they are doing while generating selected team list and about not informing the teams who are caught in plagiarism (so that they can defend themselves against any false MOSS result).

All in one, my ICPC experience was not good…!


Codechef messed it up, this time. :slight_smile:


Only thing you can do is drop a mail to them and wait.
Really this years selection procedure for Amritapuri was a total mess.
I hope they will rectify it soon.

Maybe they are in top 80 if you consider only teams who applied to amrita

I don’t know why they mess it up every year. Come on guys, if you think this is tough for you… give it up, just give it up

Is there any waiting list for Amritapuri regionals Just like Kanpur.