Error in Kharagpur Rank List

I just checked my team rank on icpc baylor site for kharagpur regional. Total submissions for our team is showing 0 , while in the contest rankings and Gwalior regional rankings our submission count is 1. How is that possible? Team name: Whats_In_a_Name Is the ranklist at baylor site legit? Because on the kharagpur’s website no updates are posted regarding selection list.
@vijju @admin

@vijju @admin please try to know icpc kharagpur resut date!! They are not responding to our email and phone calls. Please try to contact them and let us know

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Yeah that’s strange , I just noticed that the codechef ranklist and the Baylor Gwalior ranklist are showing 1 submission for your team while Baylor kgp ranklist is showing 0 submissions for your team, there might be some error, hope they resolve it before releasing the selection lists.