Error : long data type not supported

Hello friends. I have been trying to use the long data type in PYTHON 3.7 in Codechef IDE. But it throws an error stating “not supported”.

How to rectify this error ?

What do you mean by, long data type, you don’t have to declare data type for a variable in python.
Can you show your code.

Hello there. The question is provided in the link given below:

They have said use a long data type while getting input from the console. I don’t know how to do that in python.

In python you do not worry about any data type.
you just create a variable and use it in whatever way

That is actually said for users of C and C++ and other programming languages that use datatype concept.

If that’s the case when I receive input from the user how am I supposed to manipulate. I am using the input function to receive input

How am I then supposed to receive input from the user? I am using input function suppose…how to manipulate as numbers then

I don’t use python but i suppose typecast int(input())?

Yes that is what I did… however if that’s the case it doesn’t pass all the test cases I believe…but I shall check my code once again and let u know

It produces a runtime error NZEC

Just post your code with three backticks (```) above and below your code.

Isn’t python an untyped language

Variable don’t have types, values do.
If i write


x will become a string, even if the string contains only numbers.

@swarna_2000 , you don’t need to define long data type explicitly in python . And this question will fit within python integer length , so no need to worry :)-

Okay guys…I shall work with it and if I face any issues, I shall post it here. Thank you all for helping me out!!