Exciting updates for February 2022

A month back we re-designed the practice landing page to improve the user experience. That was just the start of some amazing enhancements that we plan to do for the community to help improve their practice journey on the platform.

Previously we only had broader buckets of problem difficulty levels to categorize the practice problems. We realized that the problems from the same difficulty group had a vast spread within them. Keeping this in mind, we introduced numerical difficulty ratings for the problems. Any problem that has ever appeared in a rated contest will get a difficulty rating, which is a parameter of

  1. Ratings of people who have solved the problem and
  2. Ratings of all the people who have participated in the contest

It is calculated in such a way that if a problem’s difficulty rating is X, then a user whose CodeChef rating is X has a 50% chance of solving that problem in a contest.

What are the various buckets in which the problems are classified?

There are two ways of viewing the problem buckets on the newly designed practice page. The pre-defined ranges can be viewed in the Recommended section and it consists of

  • Beginner level (rating 0 to 1000)
  • 1* Beginner level (rating 1000 to 1200)
  • 1* Advanced level (rating 1200 to 1400)
  • 2* Beginner level (rating 1400 to 1500)
  • 2* Advanced level (rating 1500 to 1600)
  • 3* Beginner level (rating 1600 to 1700)
  • 3* Advanced level (rating 1700 to 1800)
  • 4* (rating 1800 to 2000)
  • 5* (rating 2000 to 2200)
  • 6* (rating 2200 to 2500)
  • 7* (rating 2500 and above)

You can handpick the minimum and maximum rating of a problem in the Custom section.

Based upon your current rating, the relevant Recommended range will be pre-selected. The ratings of every problem can be viewed in the table. This also means that the previous categories of Easy, Medium, Hard, etc will cease to exist soon. Temporarily, we have given a link to switch back to the older practice page. In the coming enhancements, we will be bringing in the feasibility to search problems by Tags and Topics. We will also categorize the problems in buckets such as Attempted, Unattempted, Unsolved, and To-Dos.

Visit the new practice page here.

On the user profile page, we have removed the different types of ratings from the user profile page (such as Long, Cook-Off, Lunchtime), as they have become outdated with the changes that we’ve had over the years. Now we only have the overall CodeChef rating and possibly Junior ratings for a user.

Do let us know your views on the current changes and the upcoming ones and any additional suggestions to feedback@codechef.com.

Happy Coding!
Team CodeChef


Thanks for introducing numerical ratings, it was a long-anticipated update. It’d be great if we can have the rating of a problem on the problem page as well.


It’ll be added in a few days.



Bug: February lunchtime problems in Div 1 all have the same rating if you click on one, then press back, then press on another one.
Comment: new features are nice :sunglasses:

Thank you for reporting this. It has been fixed.

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