Exciting Updates for the month of June 2022


  • We have launched Practice skill score. It contains

    • Platform statistics: Where you can see the overall stats of users in the practice section
    • Your Practice statistics: Where you can see stats on your practice performance. In the coming week, you will also be able to compare your stats with your friends.
    • Topic-wise performance: Here, you can see a list of all the topics, and your performance in each one of them (Solve, Attempted, and Unattempted)
  • We have launched the revamped version of our practice problem page. The problem statement and IDE are now visible side by side. Both the sections are scalable and can be made full screen. Solutions (previously known as editorials), Other users’ submissions, and Doubt Support have been added as separate tabs.

  • Once the contest is over and you open the problem, it will directly open in the practice section. Thereby enabling you to the features of the practice problem. Also if you have solved a problem in any contest, it will be marked as solved in the practice section too.

  • We also show the contest to which the problem belongs too.


  • Amazon vouchers have been added to the Goodies portal. All the existing laddu holders can now encash their laddus from their wallets.
  • Our signup fields have been reduced. New users can now sign up with just four fields.
  • While signing up, we now suggest a set of specific usernames if the users’ input can not be accepted or the username is already taken.

Upcoming Enhancements:

  • You will also see the revamped version of the problem page in the ongoing contests.

Do share your opinion on the New Problem page and practice skill score. Feel free to let us know if you want us to pick a specific feature in the comments.


Please add the search option for languages in the new UI. There are too many languages and they are not sorted by their name. Also I don’t know if this is a bug but Rust is not an option for a few problems (Example - Error Page | CodeChef)

Image of old UI –

Image of new UI –

Noted. This will be fixed soon. Thank you.

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It really looks great!
Just wanted to request to provide us with the “DARK Mode”.

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I have in several contests two STARTERS and one LUNCHTIME but my graph

shows no participation and my rating doesn’t seem to increase even though I have made some successful submissions.

@dungeonmaster3 - hey - the ratings are updated on your profile. Just Ctrl + Shft + R - hard refresh

@csk111165 - coming soon. give us a couple of month

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Thanks a lot for the consideration.

I think there are some bugs in streak feature. 2 days back my longest streak was 4 but now it suddenly became 11.

Thank you for reporting this. Will get this checked and revert.

I have ordered laddus 20 days ago
When are you planning to send the amazon vouchers ?

Bumping this message! I had also ordered an amazon voucher with the laddus I had a few weeks back, would appreciate if I could know information :slight_smile:

It can take up to 40 working days for it to be processed. Please email help@codechef.com if you don’t get it by then.

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how can i get codechef laddus ?