EXPCH Plargarism

Just wanted to bring this to the notice of admins. It will most probably be caught by MOSS but still.

Solution A: User shivaag

Solution B: User neeraj271298

Only variable names are changed

This plagiarism thing getting too much -_-

Your best option is to look at a person short ratings instead of long if u want to get an idea of his/her skills (unless he’s red or really skilled) because there’s no way you can control people cheating in long :man_shrugging:t2:

Not everyone who does better in long challenges is a cheater. I just need more time to implement most codes so i struggle in short contests.


Yeah i agree… i think the person who are solving till last problems of long challenges (Div 1) are really skilled. Apart from that it’s like
a 50-50 thing

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You got 28th rank in ICM Technext, so how do you struggle in short contests ?:joy: You are pretty good at it

I got lucky with conservative graphs lol, it reminded me of conservative forces in physics, so I figured it out quickly. This cook off i only got 2 questions, i took 2 hours to do q2 and i still haven’t finished implementation

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It was pretty neat still, you won’t take much time to get better at it :slightly_smiling_face:

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