Expected ratings

I am @ 1765 and expecting to get my 4th star for the first time…
I’ve got 674 this time…
Can anybody help me with expected change in my rating and expected update on ratings?
My id is @iscoa!

since number of participants was 25k+ in div2 you will be in top 0.05(1476/25k), definitly you will be 4*…

rating still not updated

It was 1476

I guess the rating will get updated by today. As the submissions for the challenge problem have been re-evaluated now.

A random guess it will increase by somewhat between 80-110

And expected increase?


Congrats on becoming 4 star

long wait for results of long challenge.


rating for div-1 are now updated

Thanks man!

what about me
my current rating is 1670 and my score was 574

Wait for sometime it will be updated in some time.

I am waiting to see your rating now

Plagiarism feb long

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I got 572 This time, my current rating is 1645, Can I Expect an increase. If yes ,how much :sweat_smile:

My current rating is 1422. I got a rank of 7773 with a score of 473. Can I expect an increase? If yes, by how much?

Increase of less than <60

Yes it will get increased