Expedia Internship Test on Interviewbit

How was your exam i felt the exam was of medium level
Can anybody provide code of solutions


How many questions were asked, what data structures were useful.

4 questions were asked.

I felt anyone who is a good competitive programmer (like been doing it for 3-4 months) could solve the questions very easily.
I could only solve 1 fully and solved another 2 partially like 90%

have u solved 2nd question (directed graph problem) ?

From where can i get those questions to practice?

No, I couldn’t. My solution failed for only a single number for a test case and I got WA

Were you able to solve that road trip question? Can you please tell me how you solved it?

please provide solutions to any of the first 3 problems

To be honest, questions were directly picked from LeetCode, the implementations required a bit of time and I felt that 90 Minutes weren’t enough to code all four problems fully.


Hey, can you share the leet code links here?

I have found out two problem links which are asked in Expedia test:

I think the questions were quite straight forward and just needed implementation.

hey can u share the question links of the questions if you remember thanks in advance

  1. - LeetCode
  2. - LeetCode
  3. Don’t remember
  4. Basic Maths question.
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