Explain new rating system

I request Codechef to create a video on their YouTube channel in simple language about explaining the new rating system and what exactly going to happen in future contests.

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Just participate as usual, and try to do as well as you can in the contests. The ratings will take care of themselves.

If someone’s current profile rating > Elo-MMR then they will not participate to maintain profile rating?

It will anyway be changed to Elo-MMR’s rating after a while even if they don’t participate.

then people will create new account and start pushing rating on that instead of grinding on old one?

It does not work like that. You can read the original thread and the discussion there for more detail.

admin, it sadly does work exactly like that. Could you calculate how much rating someone would reach if you placed 1st on a new account (Div 4) - should be around 1990
And then place 1st in div 2 - should be around 2500

afaik, your new rating system has been optimized to place people into their correct divisions very very fast. But it seems like it likes to overshoot in order to reach that goal. Reasoning: I saw someone (name: code_fury101) placing 24th and 5th in Div 4. He now has a MMR of 2166 after 2 Div 4 contests. Which is absurd. I am not confident in reaching 2166, but I am confident in reaching 2200+ with 2 good contests on a new account.


OMG! just saw code_fury101 account, now I am creating new one :grin:

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ye, sadly this is a side effect. If you try to reach a top rating, it seems like you will be rewarded for creating a lot of new accounts. Drop a new account if you placed bad once and try to get 2 really good results in a row.
Div 4 is extremely easy. Just have to rank better than the cheaters.


So, division rework incoming then.

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could be a fix for sure. Codechef could also implement a similar thing that Riot Games uses for League of Legends. Placement Contests.

Basically you are forced to compete, lets say, 8 times until you can see your rating. Before that your profile only shows your current Division and a notification that you are currently doing placement contests.

They could also tune down the newbie bonus by ~30% in the first 2 contests.

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Before panicking and making new accounts, please give us a moment to review and make any tweaks.

We’re considering something like this. In terms of the theory, this amounts to giving the first 2 contests less weight than the others, which actually makes sense because:

  • Weak newcomers are still getting used to the format and UI.
  • Strong newcomers are improperly placed into Div 4, so their performance rating is unreliable.