Explain on Reduction of my rating

why did my rating drop from 1477 to 1459 when I did one Question correct on my own in November cook-off 2020? It was also dropped from 1500 to 1478 in October long challenge 2020. I did them on my own. I didn’t copy from anyone.
Explain, please

Your rating was decreased because you performed poorly relative to others in the contest

oh, so my rating will get reduced even I did some problems correct?
Think, in a test, we did some Questions correct, do we get negative marks or greater than zero?
why would anyone do like that?
Then what about the people who didn’t attempt any Questions? Will they get their rating even more reduced?

It doesn’t work like that. You must read how rating system works. I will giv you a small example.
Your rating was 1477 before cookoff right. Now, rating is increased /decreased depending on how you performed with respect to others with equivalent rating. You rating decreased because other people having rating aroung 1477, performed much better and solved the problem faster than you.

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You can refer this for better understanding of how Codechef Rating mechanism works.

oh. okay. That explains it I guess. I started solving the problems at the end of the contest.
Thank you. I will remember that point from now on.

Rating and marking system are different.
If you think about it as an examination, you solve 1 question that doesn’t mean your rank will be better than others who have performed better than you. Likewise, you got 100 points, but that doesn’t mean that you will get positive rating.
Rating shows your average performance which helps to determine your Overall rank in CodeChef as it is more fair than adding the total number of questions you have solved till date as people who joined first will remain on the top.


thank you.

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