In the problem string colouring can anyone explain problem statement
if we colour all the characters 0 why cant we get string sorted.
Problem link-here

You can only swap adjacent characters if their colors are different.


Thank you … :slight_smile:

intersting that people with 4* here cant even solve a very easy bipartite graph problem !!

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Is it necessary to know bipartite graphs to be 4*??
More intresting fact: Even you know graphs still you are a 3*.
I don’t know graphs at all and i will learn what i don’t know it has been only 6 months that i have started competitive programming and i have discontinued after november.
That 's what a difference between a 7* and a 3* coder is…
He explained the doubt and u…
I know you are far better than me…


u better start them

6 months is lot

there is nothing to explain…the problem statement is exactly same as bipartite graph definition

the difference is 7* are good coders and 3* are not …
thats it…
helping or not is ones choice…
not all 7* will help u and not all 3* are rude …

There is nothing to explain u are saying that it is defination of bipartite graphs …
when some one doesn’t know what are that kind of graphs…
6 months includes mid sems end sems ,web dev, c++,etc stuffs…
I will learn them once i’m done with other stuffs…
i didn’t say that a every 7 * coder explains but i am pretty sure that if they wont help they will not enter into a discussion in which they are not speciallly invited and explain interesting facts!!


u want help to see something that is in the question…great
also hire someone to read question for u…that would be great help

Cool down bro . All he wanted to point out (rather rudely, though), is that CC rating is wrecked. That’s a fact.


Every human makes mistakes. I missed something in the problem which i clarified .
Thanks to him that he clarified .
Job done (1);
As a result i solved the problem.
If u need some help you hire someone who can read…
i don’t think you or i can afford him and he will be available for this…
what’s your point in this?


Why he wants to tell that codechef ratings sucks in this post clearly topic is not this…
If it is easy just do it (Job Done);
If he wants to make his point just write in another post… Have views of people across the globe …
Is he that dumb to choose this post??
Codechef organises long challenges so someone who is good in that he gets better…
You expect too much from a 4*.
what codechef wants to show is
4>3 (performance on our platform);
That 's all.
You have created hype that 4* coder should know at least this…


its no hype …4* is div1 …
so div1 in any site need to be the best …
look at codeforces div1…many 6* in codechef dont make it to div1 in codeforces…

Well, for one thing, I couldn’t even relate the problem with anything close to graphs. I solved it by using the fact that there must be two non decreasing subsequences ( as it mentions in the editorial ). Therefore, atleast for me, it wasn’t very obvious as to how to model the problem to a graph theory structure.


i have seen that adjacents should have diff color…so itss coloring one
he said 2 colors…so bipartite…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Lol idk. Ask him.

Sure. Learning is not bad at all, no matter how good you are. But some jerks misuse this opportunity and make a joke out of it. Yeah, everyone isn’t a cheater, but some are. And that’s bad.

Have the rating? Deserve it.

Deserve the rating that you have.

PS: No, it’s neither a hate post, nor a rant. I saw him make a valid point (rather rudely), hence I replied. I have nothing against you, nor your rating. :smiley: Keep learning. :smiley: You don’t know, that’s not your fault. You desire to learn, that’s commendable. :smile:

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yeah…this needs some observation…bipartite one is just direct…takes less time to implement and less chances of failure

That’s the thing. This was very direct for me, but I couldn’t even think about graphs until someone told me about it. It works differently for everyone, not everyone is cut out the same way. The point is, you might be relating to something better / faster than someone else, but that alone doesn’t allow you to call them undeserving.


i dont say someone is good or not…i just say that codechef rating system is weak ,…thats it

Rating is volatile. Some people may have just had a lucky contest, so that’s why they got a higher rating. Or maybe they are better at long challenges, where you get 10 days to solve problems, instead of just 2 hours on codeforces.

Even theoretically, rating is imperfect. One number cannot represent all the different levels of skills one has for every topic in CP.


u dont know sir…indians have so many tricks

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