EXPOSE ! Another plagiarism case in March long challenge

Just look at these submissions of two different users of LAZER https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/30467775
CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone]

I request the admin to take a serious look into this and ban these IDs. I know we cannot stop plagiarism at once. But taking these small necessary steps will definately bring fruitful results in future.


They hail from same college, both got promoted to div1 by cheating ( happy??)
One of them solved the problem on 13th
Another one did some name changes, and submitted on 14th.
As @vijju123 said earlier, mail codechef regarding this.


I hope admin checks this post

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They dont. I hope you mail them at help@codechef.com .

Again, I repeat, MOSS admins do not check discuss and things reported here go unnoticed. They check the mails you mail codechef.