Extended Euclidean Algorithm Java Code

Hii everyone,
I am trying to write the java code of extended euclidan algorithm but couldn’t write it, I also try to search on internet but there is no stuff for java …

If anyone can help me, please share your code Or opinion.

Here you go, the math should be clear from the equation in comments.

Feel free to ask. Also, I wrote it just now, I’d suggest testing on couple of inputs. Plus It might overflow when dealing with large numbers.

static int[] extendedGCD(int a, int b) throws Exception{
    if(a == 0 || b == 0){
        //assert(a+b == 1)
        if(a == 0)return new int[]{0, 1};
        else return new int[]{1, 0};
    int[] ext = extendedGCD(b, a%b);
    //a*x+b*y = 1, assuming a > b, though it works for a <= b too, just k = 0
    //a = k*b+m, k = floor(a/b)
    //(k*b+m)*x+b*y = 1
    //m*x + b*(k*b+y) = 1
    //ext[0] = k*b+y, ext[1] = x, retrieve x and y
    int oldX = ext[1], oldY = ext[0];
    int k = a/b;
    int newX = oldX, newY = oldY-k*oldX;
    hold(a*newX + b*newY == 1);
    return new int[]{newX, newY};

Taran i have a code in c++ which uses class and with the help of it , it was returning three value x, y, gcd

Can we make a java code for the same