Extension of April Challenge

Due to heavy traffic load, many submissions aren’t being executed. So, I request admins to extend the April Challenge end date.


YES! On submitting it says, you are allowed to make 1 submission in 300 seconds.

And after 300 seconds, on submitting it shows “Solutions to this problem cannot be submitted now”.

And again from the first step looping!


Same here , trying to submit from last half hour.

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Same problem with me too!!

yes me too facing the same problem.

Please see the announcements section on the contest page.


Same here

Yes, Even I am unable to submit.
Do something :confused:

Why did they stop submission for FCTREE only? I was submitting it…now what am I supposed to do for two hours @admin

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would love an extension till tonight

yess i am also not able to submit ANSLEAK solution tring it for 30 mins approx

yess same for ANSLEAK still there is 1 hour left why the submissions for these que are over ??

no need to worry guys submission for these que will reopen for 2.5 hours at 15:00 IST as mentioned on the problem page