Extremely weak test cases in JULY 16 CHEFTET

Though I have not yet started this contest, one of my roommates was doing this question , and by an extremely wrong approach got full 100 marks , and I was left astounded .

If I am allowed to reveal , then I can mention some test cases where many submissions will fail if they are using same logic as of my roommate .

It is my request to admin as well as tester to please look into the matter , and rejudge the solutions.

Edit :- Thanks a lot admin and tester for changing the test cases :slight_smile: . Also , I couldn’t understand why many people downvoted this post :stuck_out_tongue:


question is not clear as, is it must that all Bi’s must fall on array A or some can remain? .
I took the question to be,“Some Bi’s can remain in the array B” and got accepted. In fact the the complexity is O(n) and i can’t understand why limits are n<10000.


@vamsi_deva I didn’t know that . My roommate used all of A[] and B[ ] , and with 2 line code got it AC . And now comes storm of downvotes :stuck_out_tongue:

This happens often here. They should add new test cases or else problem has no meaning.

Then this particular problem should be rejudged!! After the updation of the testcases.

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This guy deserves a medal! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish Codechef had strict test cases like Codeforces…even easier questions would be challenging

Can someone tell me output for second problem of july challenge for following test case




1 5 6 8 10 14 16 19 20 25 28 30 35 36 40 45

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I made a function solve(), which was empty back then, and tried to submit it, and GOT AN AC! :stuck_out_tongue:
I even commented on the problem. The problem is ambiguous, a lot of things are unclear!

Well, why were you discussing the ongoing contest problem with your room mate though? You accept that you did not abide by CoC? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Mail codechef about this and they may update the test cases as they have done a few times earlier :)…your roommate will be surely mad at you :stuck_out_tongue:

I solved the question by O(4*n), and the code is not short.
Unbelievable, there are many people got AC by the wrong algorithm, and with only 2 line code?!
I was so sad to know about that. QwQ


I even commented this on the problem statement page, whether or not all B[i] have to be used and as you can expect no admin, setter, tester replied. This is sad, problem statement is not clear :frowning:

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@ashwanigautam I too have asked this question 4 days ago in problem statement page and have tagged the admin and the author. Inspite of all that no reply yet.

Yeah definitely the problem statement is so milsleading that it took me 20 submissions to get AC and that too after referring this blog post. Thanks!! I dont know how both the problem setter and tester didnt notice the fault in the problem statement.

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If more test cases is added it should be done as soon as possible, so there is time left to submit a new correct solution, in case one’s approved solution is invalid.

Also the explanation for the second example case is wrong. I mentioned it in a comment 2 days ago but the comment hasn’t been published nor has the example been fixed. I would fix it myself if I could.

@admin test cases for 25 point for chefarc are really weak.I can provide you test cases on which my code should give WA but still works on yours :slight_smile:

2 lines code logic!! I wonder what those lines could be…

Even I commented the same on the problem statement page along with a test case. I have even figured out the probable test cases set by the admins of this particular problem. No response received yet on my comment.