Ez Codechef

I reported a lot of plagiarised submissions in the long challenge, still no action has been taken against them. @admin?
ik this post will be locked saying to mail @codechef, but i already did that.

Wait for atleast 8 months to see action




Why are u worried about others , mind your own business. Codechef will take care of those who cheats no need to create new posts every time for this thing.


The funny thing is, reported submissions will not be taken down but some submissions of you back from November 2019 would.

IDK how those plagiarism detection algorithms work, but legit codes affected and those plagiarised didn’t.

i was going to be div 4 with top 1 rank in my uni. thanks to some noobs i ended up at >10 rank. so "mind your own business"seems like the shittiest advice you can give to anyone.

“codechef will take care of those who cheats?” phew i was so worried.