F.A.Q for ongoing contest (unofficial)

Hello, the community!

I have compiled some of the frequently asked questions during the ongoing contest and with a suitable answer.

Please add something if you think it should be on this list and suggest if something is wrong.
All this are only for ongoing contest

Q1: My code is running locally but it gives (blah blah ) error while submitting?


Just copy paste the error, you will get tons of answer, if you didn’t get, then ask!

Q2: This is my code why it gives me the wrong answer?


Codechef might going to ban you or take strict action because it is a violation of their code of conduct

Q3: How to solve this equation?


Everyone is Sherlock here.

Q4: Hey community here is cheating going on what to do?


Well don’t post link on discuss please,email to vijju123official@gmail.com or other admins

Q5: Please give some test case i’m stuck from x days?


Why don’t you spent some more y days and wait till contest gets over or ask author

Q6: Can someone please explain this problem to me, the problem statement isn’t very clear and I can’t understand the problem at all?


Understanding the problem statement is an art and try to build that, if something is wrong re-read 10 times then ask to the author.

If you are unsure about anything email to feedback@codechef.com

Bonus :

Google is your friend