Facebook HackerCup 2020 R1

So, today is the Round 1 of Facebook’s HackerCup for the qualified individuals in the qualifications round .
So, how’s everyone’s hackercup going ?

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Just submitted part 1 of prob 1. Hoping it is correct!!

I am getting correct answer for 4 TC but not for the last one :pensive:


Can’t help you but only advice to dry run your code for the particular testcase.
I’m not even sure if my code is correct! :crazy_face:
Currently doing second Q. Hoping it to complete before time outs.

Same problem are you able to resolve this

Not asking for help but Thanks !

The difficulty level is quite high, ig

Would you please help me with first two questions ??

Please give the code anyone …

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Your shameless is amazing!


I am myself not clearing it. Can’t debug my code of A2. Now time is gone.

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Nop, but what in fact you can find is a well deserved account ban for asking the code of an ongoing contest

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Would you share your approach for A2? It did by making pairs and everytime a new room came I tried to adjust it between the pairs but couldn’t debug it and secondly time complexity of my code was also high.

The round was tougher of what I expected

Ya. I also felt it quite tough and I started late thinking I would clear cut off in time but Alas!

I used a disjoint-interval structure to keep updated the intervals. If the border of the new interval is inside an existing interval so don’t add its lenght.
By sure there will be several well wrinten editorials. If after reading probably better approaches you still want the details of mine I can try to explain it.

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

can you please ?

which data structure you were using and how was the update process working can you explain please I am focusing from 5 hours to understand that please write a nice tutorial for it!

I initially thought that my complexity for A2 was also high, but two nested loops don’t always mean n^2. The way I understood is, I insert each range in my set once, and erase it once. So even with nested loops it ran in under 2 seconds.
However the output was wrong for the final tests :mask:. So I’m not going to round 2.

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