Facing judge error in INOI2203B

Diocletian - Part 2

My code-

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def generate_reasonable_plans(n, m, p, train_lines):
# Create an adjacency list to represent the graph
graph = [ for _ in range(n)]
for u, v in train_lines:
graph[u - 1].append(v - 1)
graph[v - 1].append(u - 1)

plans = []  # List to store the generated plans
visited = [False] * n  # Keep track of visited cities during DFS

def dfs(city, plan):
    visited[city] = True
    plan.append(str(city % 2))  # Assign cities alternately to Alfa (0) and Bravo (1)

    for neighbor in graph[city]:
        if not visited[neighbor]:
            dfs(neighbor, plan)

# Generate at least p distinct reasonable plans
for _ in range(p):
    plan = []  # List to store the current plan
    dfs(0, plan)  # Start DFS from city 1 (index 0)

    # Check if both Alfa and Bravo are connected
    if False not in visited:

    # Reset visited list for the next plan
    visited = [False] * n

return plans

Read input

n, m, p = map(int, input().split())

train_lines =
for _ in range(m):
u, v = map(int, input().split())
train_lines.append((u, v))

Generate reasonable plans

plans = generate_reasonable_plans(n, m, p, train_lines)

Output the results

for plan in plans:

Thanks for reporting, fixed.