Facing problems with coding part

Hi codechef community!
I’m relatively new to coding and stuff. I actually got inspired by Grant Sanderson (3blue1brown) and decided to learn to code.
Anyway, so the reason I’m here is to seek some advice from you guys. I participated in June challenge, and to be honest I was able to solve every question but CONTAIN (I couldn’t figure out what the questionnaire wanted to ask).
It felt so helpless when I was reading the guessing game tutorial , I already knew the theoretical solution.
I’ve worked on standard template library as told by some youtubers, still I’m unable to understand the syntax of a 4* or a 5* coder. And the solutions provided in the editorial went off my head.
A little guidance would be really helpful. Thankyou!

The implementation of GUESSG is not very trivial. As N = 10^9 you cannot simply store it in an array, so most of the submissions use a range set to store the numbers. Given that this is your first contest, if you were able to think of an outline for your code for the rest of the problems, then it’s actually pretty good. To learn standard templates that are available, go through the following links:


Also, I’d suggest you to start solving some beginner and easy level problems from codechef practice area to get started. Happy coding! :v: