Facing weird problem lately when tried to access Codechef

Hello Codechef Community,

I’m facing this weird problem whenever I try to access anything on Codechef. It says “Hold right there Sparky!! We have encountered a lot of unexpected requests on CodeChef from your end. We would like to check that you are a human and not a bot. Prove it!” and asks me to check the “I’m not a robot” box.

It is coming all the time whenever I try to access anything on CC. It is really getting annoying to me and @admin can possibly look into this matter or at least tell me the reason for such a weird message coming time to time.



Same here!!!

When I try to load ranklist, this pops up 100% of the time. Very irritating indeed


So it isn’t just me.

Even when i tried to search i get this message

It’s one of the ‘challenges’ they use to stop or slow down bot traffic that might be passing through their site.
It’s annoying, but i think they have resolved it now.

I’m also facing a weird problem commonly known by 504, 503, 502, 500, 404 etc.

P.S. - Will add more asap I discover them.

#P.P.S. - Will constantly bump this post.##


same here , but for me its when i try to load ranklist of any contest past or present.

Same Here, It’s annoying…#%#%

I’m forced to write this after seeing @vijju123 comment -

@admin is having difficulty moving editorials of remaining 3 problems of div2. I will see if I can post them directly here myself. Sorry for the delay, i didnt check their status yesterday assuming that they'd be moved.

In this case my msg for @admin -

Either remove these glitches or shutdown this forum.#

Because I don’t want to open a webpage which need 10 refresh to load.
I cannot see recent changes. => Serves no purpose to open this when you have to search what all changes took place here.

Maybe your priority now SnackDown, Monthly contest, ACM ICPC, Alibaba Hackathon, etc.
But user will go before and after these.

I was unable to solve this question help me.
But who is here to help him when you will have these glitches.

If a person is here to help him. He cannot find question.
If a question is being answered. Person who asked does not get to know about it.
Meanwhile I changed my answer a bit to make it easy. But your cache issues does not allow it to get reflected.

I’m sorry to say but your forum is becoming worse day by day.

You want to become beginner friendly. But if this continues then you are way behind your goal.

I can wait for virtual contest feature. I have no problem if one hackathon is not conducted due to this. And I can wait for SnackDown also. But remove these glitches now.

ACM ICPC is near. And if this continues then this forum will be useless atleast for my preparation.

These issues started to pop up after 28 July 2018, 21:25 hrs. Enough of my patience.

Signing off.
Either this forum will become better or you won’t see me regular here.
And I want first option to happen.


Same here!!! Hey Sparky…

Same here mostly during ranklists :confused:

Abb to apun ko lagne laga he ki apen he Robert he

Why “Sparky”? XD

@meooow you might want to ask the same question to the @admin. I’m clueless :frowning:

@aryanc403, I can completely understand your frustration and it is valid as well. But if you were aware of this problems since July 2018, you probably should have told them before instead of now when admins are really busy. Anyway regarding the quality of forum, facts you stated are true and it will be really beneficial to all if @admin will take action on it.

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@admin is well aware of bugs. Apparently, (s)he will have more priorities than these bugs. And these will not be fixed until and unless we force them to do.

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@aryanc403 , Yes, we are aware of these bugs on forum and we are very concerned about them. We understand your point. Also, bugs have been our highest priority and this is no exception. We are trying to come up with a better forum, we’ll post the details about it once we migrate.


@rituraj22 , this should not happen very frequently now, we have increased the limit. We had to introduce this because of heavy scrapping of data.