Factor tree - Yes that's my code

I don’t know how am I seeing my factor tree code in each and every submission this may be because of ideone I ran my code on ideone to check whether my code is wrong or not . I usually don’t use ideone but this time was different I was getting NZEC error on my factor tree , so I cross checked it with ideone https://www.codechef.com/APRIL20B/status/FCTRE,coodieaniket

Go to this link take a look at my submissions you will know this is my code I was using this code whole time. I don’t care if I get plag or not but this kind of cheating destroy the very emotion of CP, I never understood what do they get by cheating. You don’t learn anything. You just get boost in your ratings.
I already got plag(FEB-20) because I gave all my codes to my friend and later he gave them to his other friend that time I lost my 100% scholarship. I did that because he wanted scholarship.


He didn’t even bothered to change the variables. He is so stupid I doubt he even knows how to print helloworld. Just go and see

I request codechef to take strict action against this. Please Please Please!!!


@admin Please take a look


However, if you are using any other online development environment, make sure that other contestants don’t have access to your code. As a contestant, you are responsible for making sure others don’t access the code that you submit. If you use Ideone, make sure to mark your submission “private” (not secret)".

It is clearly stated in the rules and regulations. If you wanna use Ideone, just make you submissions private.

I totally understand this but I want all of these people to get plag. This just kills this platform I actually spent lot of time to get that code right believe me.

Thank you! I just noticed the same thing and about to report them before I ran into this post.

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Tag @admin and maybe he will listen.

Did that. :slight_smile:

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@merrick @sachin_adm @taran_adm
Please delete this post I have found the right way to deal with this situation.

@ coodieaniket can you post that ideone link here?

Where would I find that link. There are thousands of submissions, the only way I can prove is by my submission list for the question.