Both Love Babbar and anshika uses their full power of AMAZON POST to Make their content viral and to influence the Newcomers(1ST YEAR STUDENTS).
Started with Aman Dhattarwal, he introduces this Love babbar and Love babbar introduces this girl.
This whole Racket is running in India and getting so much views
and the real channels like of striver and other REAL COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMERS has very less Subscribers .
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Totally agree with all the points mentioned and discussed in that blog, according to them Amazon ~ FAANG and luckily they got into Amazon so they can crack any MNC.
Totally shit guys having even no account on CodeChef/Codeforces/Atcoder are telling how to become 5 stars/CM, I mean you guys even don’t think on which topic you are making videos. have you guys ever solved a problem in a short contest.

Guys, they are telling you shit and giving shit roadmaps. Love babbar make a video of a roadmap for development where he shows a roadmap made by someone else, and when I asked my senior whether I should follow this or not (my senior - SDE I Sharechat) he told me that this roadmap is shit and only 3-4 year experienced guys should follow this.

They are totally shit

Follow genuine guys only like demoralizer, AshishGup, Striver, Karthik Arora, CodeNCode and lot more


450 questions DSA lul


@kartik8800, @waqar_ahmad224 has very good content on there youtube channel but relatively lesser subs. Hope things change.


But Aman Dhattarwal himself never did CP and coding and then he boast that he didn’t appear for interviews in his college. LIKE DUDE WTF You dont know coding/DSA/CP that’s why you didnt appear for the interview and not that you don’t want a job!!

And babbar ne toh CP kri hai (job hi nahi lgti CP ke bina toh- babbar ji) toh un ka koi bhakt mujhe KOI bhi famous CODING PLATFORM KI ID neeche drop kar do me babbar ko khud sorry email likhunga!!!

Dhattarwal ji ki to GFG ki ID hi dedo koi me Dhattarwal ko 10 sorry email likhunga!!

Bottom line -

People like Dhattarwal/Babbar can go to any extent to fool and brainwash students!


ye jo 450 que ki DSA ki sheet krlo ye krlo wo krlo…kya mazak hai bhai???
That sheet is nothing I checked it just contains some questions from @striver_79 sheet and the questions on GFG with atleast 1 company tag!
And people are mad about that sheet. AIse 450 gine chune que kroge to lag gyi fir tumhari job!! :rofl::rofl:


After Harshad mehta, 450 dsa sheet by babbar is the biggest scam right now.


Yes, I totally agree with it, those people who never did CP are making road maps to excel in CP(LOL) . And indians are so crazy , that they accept whatever they say. These YTbers are fooling around . Just because they put a FAANG tag on their thumbnails, makes their content more hyped, but the bottom line is they have no CP background, I myself am from NSIT, knows a lot about them and their fakeness (aman, love babbar) .

Yes their are so many underrated YT channel like codencode, etc who really are trying their best and have a great content . I hope people find these channels soon and stop believing in fancy contents and watch more real content which enhance spirit of CP


aman dhattarwal is biggest scammer as he influenced young minds and reality is different and just to earn views.


Sab Mohmaaya Hai :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Totally agreed. Kartik Arora has a nice playlist on Dynamic Programming for noobs like me.

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Aap bhi Maaya hai kya?

These guys are the main culprit of introducing the trend ki ,“CP krlo saari company turant job dengi”, “Leetcode kroo ye woh”. Cp is not the only way to get into good companies. Besides CP is a sport man but these guys are ruining it and that is precisely why peeps cheat in contest so that to get a good rating and guarantee their job in good companies. Sighh as a indian it feels bad that whatever good comes our way , we ruin it always ! peace out

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bhai bhakt and all ka to nahi pata but usne apne 450 dsa ke video mein kaha tha ki ye tumhe CP ke liye accha foundation dengi !

aur ye baat usne bahut jagah reiterate ki hai, haan mujhe uska Codeforces/chef profile nahi pata par usne aisa kabhi claim nahi kiya ki ye question karo aur tumhara ho jayega

Bro dhattarwal ko chood de wo to tune sahi kaha lekin babbar ke channel pe jake agar tum dhyan se 450 dsa ka video dekhoge to usne bas ye kaha hai ki tumhe isse base milega CP karne ke liye, uski sheet bas ek starting block hai aisa usne khud kaha hai, aur last minute revision ke liye bhi uski problem set acchi hai, ye follow kar ke mere college (IIT BHU ) where healthy_UG studies ke bando ne product companies ke liye REVISION kiya tha.

aise out and out kisi ko fake bolna acchi baat nahi hai khud bhi fact check kar lo

abhi video dekh ke aa raha hu (web)development roadmap ka:

180days ka hai: 15-20 days html css
30days JS
50 days react
50days node and mongo+graphql
and then deployment on docker / aws etc,

isme kya impractical hai?? isse adhe time mein kiya maine aur kai logon ne aur is field mein intern aur projects kiye.

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