Fake People on Codechef

Hi @admin
Recently Contest conducted by IIIT-U(Coderation Inter-IIIT) , we found that from an anonymous ID(i.e @deepak1231) correct submissions were made just in one go.

  • First submission(CDRN01) was made at 11:57 pm.
  • Second submission(CDRN02) was made at 11:58 pm.

We are sure that this ID is not from our college(Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur). Such things are done only for getting prizes in wrong way.

@vijju123 look over this issue.



For this case we’d recommend you to appeal to the organizers. They have the final word for such cases. If you do have any issue with the organizers themselves, then please contact us at help@codechef.com



Don’t worry about these fake people.
We will ensure that the person is real before giving away prizes.

Thanks for intimating btw.


Also The Problem CDRN07, supposed to be of higher difficulty level had extremely Weak test Cases.There Were Submission’s that had complete Bruteforce Implementation getting 100 points.Even for path Queries some submissions got 100 points just by traversing the path from u to v. @vijju123 I think codechef should take responsibility of keeping a check on the quality of the testcases(Especially when they are distributing laddus), even if the organisers are not competent enough to do so.


We do a thorough check for external rated contests - but it becomes a huge volume of work for unrated ones as then you’d have to do problem approval, problem testing, checking configuration, assertions etc. which the team cannot take up for now. We however, do everything in our hands for external rated contests. For unrated contests, we cannot help due to huge volume of work.

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