False accusation of plagiarism

This is about Starters 84. I was in DIV 3, After the Contest I reached DIV 2 But all of sudden my rating was dropped.

The Shocking part was that I got a mail from CC accusing me of plagiarism and stating that my rating has been dropped by 275 points.

It was Shocking because I have never used any online IDE , And sticked to VS Code for coding.

There is no way I was involved in any such activity. I strongly believe that cheaters somehow managed to get my code ( and make small changes and submitted that ).

Here is my code:

Here are the codes of cheaters:

I’m not not the guy who cheats and gets involved in such kinds of stuff. I have genuinely worked hard to improve my skills. I’m pretty active in discussions in leetcode and CF regarding interesting problems. Prashant_1101 - LeetCode Profile

The sad thing is that I can’t really prove that I haven’t distributed the code .Now because of these cheaters I have been accused of plagiarism and faced huge rating loss.

I request CC @admin not to penalize me and understand the situation .I think most of us, in the given situation wouldn’t be able to produce a proof/recording that they didn’t share the code online.

Account perma banned for plagiarism and frivolous appealing.

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