Updates on curtailing plagiarism

No. of users penalized in the last 10 contests:

  • START85 - 489
  • START84 - 1013
  • START83 - 1153
  • START82 - 993
  • START80 - 1112
  • START79 - 886
  • START78 - 794
  • START77 - 1612
  • COOK144 - 1390
  • START76 - 1031
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What about source of Plagiarism Telegram channels and some YouTube channels. Can you take some actions against them? or can ask telegram to put them down? Is there any way to do so?

Dear CodeChef Team,

I am writing this blog to protest against the plagiarism claim that was made against me. I am a 3-star coder on CodeChef and have been an active participant in various coding contests on multiple platforms like Codeforces, HackerRank, GFG, LeetCode, etc.

I am deeply hurt and saddened by the false plagiarism accusation. I want to make it very clear that I have neither copied the code nor shared my solution with anyone. The code that I submitted for the mentioned problem was my original work, and I am willing to provide any evidence to support my claim.

Moreover, I want to raise my concern about the ability of the plagiarism checker. As a seasoned coder, I can tell you that problems of such level are a piece of cake for me. It’s not uncommon for multiple coders to use the same brute force approach to solve a problem. Therefore, it’s too harsh to put plagiarism checks on such easy problems, which can potentially damage the reputation of innocent coders.

I request you to take a closer look at the situation and reconsider your decision. The plagiarism accusation has severely affected my reputation on the platform, and I would appreciate it if you could remove the plagiarism claim against me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yogesh Toshniwal


As mentioned at the top of this post:

"You would have received an email for every contest that you have been accused of plagiarism in. That email explicitly talks about how you can appeal against the accusation, and gives a particular time period for appeals, and ratings are dropped only after that period is over. And if you have replied within that time period, your ratings will not be dropped until all of your emails are read, the submissions pairs manually verified, and your email replied to.

So, search for that email and reply to it. If you can’t find the email for some reason, send an email to help@codechef.com. And wait for at least 3 weeks to get a reply - there are hundreds of appeals that have to be looked at, and it takes time. Posting on discuss isn’t going to help you.

But do note that if you send an email, and we find that it’s a frivolous appeal, we might permanently ban your account. So don’t email and waste our time if you have cheated."

As the top post on this this thread says:

“If you want to report a Youtube channel, or Telegram group or something similar which is publishing solutions during a contest, please fill this form.”

Though, after the recent change, our capacity to take down YT channels and Telegram groups has greatly reduced, since we don’t have a corporate legal team supporting us. But we will try our best.

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Dear codechef
I am caught plagiarism in Starters 86 Division 4 (Rated) but I am not do any cheating .
I am continuously participating in codechef contest but never get this type of mail.
And starters 86 div 4 contest I have solved 5 problems very fast and use own approach .
I don’t know what is this how I get plagiarism .
Please check submission time and remove plagiarism and please don’t decrease my rating.
Codechef is great platform to improve our coding skills but yhis type of case demotivate evey persion .
Please remove my plagiarism and considered my contest.
Thank you.

In today’s contest in div2 my ranking drop from 130 to 180 within last 8 minute of contest .
I was able to solve first 3 question within 1 hour and then i got stuck in 4th question “one or all” . It is very disappointing to me that at last moment someone shares answer of 4th question in telegram and within last 8 minute 40+ people successfully submitted the question .
@admin and every genuine codechefer please try to ban telegram channels . Thanks


I just logged in to my Codechef account and found out that I have received a rating drop of 275 points.
It says that it is due to plagiarism.

I have not copied the code from anywhere and if you see that is 100% my code.

I can reproduce it for you, if you want. Also, if you look at my past submissions that will also match with my style of writing code.

I hope you check it once again before tomorrow’s Starters and I hope I get the rating back and am able to participate in it.

ID: uzuhanarusuke

Send an email to CodeChef support.

I have done that too.

That’s the only method to regain your rating in case you think you have lost it wrongfully.

Deleted post.

I haven’t copied any code from anywhere, the solutions have been written by me only.Please undo it

You can’t takedown youtube channels, but you can ban the users posting the videos, their submission id is captured in the screen record, you can ban that user sharing the code on youtube.

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@admin Please see this!

In today’s contest, in Div. 4, for question TWO PILES.

Please go to the submissions bar and select the options to view only the ACCEPTED solutions.

Then the MIRACLE happens, we see that the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, etc. all the users have the EXACT SAME SOLUTIONS with the variable name changes all in C++14 or C++17.

Please BAN them, as I saw that there are already records of them cheating previously.


There are many accounts from Manipal University, Jaipur. All of them have similar answers, and hog about top 500 spots in DIV 4 rankings.


Exactly what i noticed too. This needs to be adressed


List Of Cheaters(Div 4): Plz check solutions on P5 and P6 they are 100% same
Rank 4: mu219301231_5d
Rank 5: lovishaneja29
Rank 6: mu219301529_5i
Rank 7:manastandon
Rank 8:mu219301606_5e
Rank 9:mu219301258_5e
Rank 10:mu219301196_5e
Rank 11: godspeed_gg
Rank 12: mu219303153_5i
Rank 13: mu219301268_5g
Rank 14: mu219310147_5b
Rank 15: mu219310292_5b
Rank 16: aryshah43yahoo
Rank 17:mu219301513_5i
Rank 18:mu219301645_5i
Rank 24:mu219310154_5e
Rank 26:mu219301672_5j
and many more and lasts till 1st 10 pages of div 4 ranking…