False positive plagiarism detect in FEB LONG

I’m thinking to take part in March Long Challenge.So my college senior told me to try Feb Long Challenge problem.
Then out of curiosity I opened my senior codechef profile where I saw that he has solve around 7 problem in Feb Long then also his score is showing zero.When I talked to him he told me that he got a mail for doing plagiarism in Cash problem of Feb Long.
This blown my mind :exploding_head:.
Person who has solve around 7 problem have to do cheating for 2nd problem which is hell lot easy problem.
This made me sad since even though he have not done any plagiarism act he is termed as plagiarist.
Having around 13k AC solution it is really possible that many code were too much similar.
Then I came to know that one of my batchmate also recieve mail regarding plagiarism in THEATRE problem .He showed me both code literally speaking both code are only 40% similar.
His also manage to solve 6 problem on his own.
People whom with their code match is not from our institute also.
I think Codechef has to reevaluate their plagiarism result for Feb Long once again and especially for first three problem.
People solving 6-7 problem are getting mail for plagiarism for first 3 problem :joy: .
If someone has solve 3-4 problem and he got mail for plagiarism for any of first 3 problem ,then might he/she has really done cheating.
But giving mail that you have done plagiarism to someone who has solve around 6-7 problem ,this is really weird.
I’m totally noob in CP even then I can also solve first 3 problem​:sweat_smile::joy: of Feb Long.

Solving 6-7 problem need high effort and this type of thing really demotivate :expressionless: someone who has given too much effort for 10 day to get single AC.

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Well, only he knows if rest 6 were also plagiarised :slight_smile:


i also get mail regarding positive Plagiarism … but the fact is that every single line of code written by myself…i also mailed but still don’t get any reply @vijju123

Don’t know why but i have strong feeling that you are also a senior with a fake id. You are a beginner but still you have fare amount of idea how plagarism works.
That’s even fine and even this curiosity made you to post on codechef discuss and when you also said that you would even solve first 3 problems but i didn’t see any activity from your side for problem solving.
So your first activity on codechef was discuss post.
Sorry no offfences but it is my personal opinion. :slight_smile:


Yes there is something wrong with this guy.

Be it the first question or the last question… plagiarism is plagiarism.
Unless the case is of false positive, codechef can’t help you honestly.

I didn’t see any weirdness here. And if it is true that it is weird, so what? Weird things are happened often in the world.

Where did you solve it? Give your submission link!

What did you want to say? They didn’t plagiarised?

@vvvvv5 seems fake ID


Exactly if this is not a false positive than there’s a chance more questions were plagiarized and just that moss didn’t catch it yet

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Your ID seems fake dude

@vijju123 doesn’t need more than a few words to have an impact :fire:


@winnerfool, This guys @vvvvv5 name is matched with yours. I think @vvvvv5 wants to fool you. Pardon me if I am wrong, but is @vvvvv5 your ID?


Ok. now I am quite sure. @vvvvv5 is @winnerfool’s fake codechef handle.
See the photo below, read it and it will be clear to you. But I can’t believe this, maybe I am wrong. Pardon me if I said anything wrong!


He said, “I’m not saying that”. But the post was other person’s.
@vvvvv5 and @winnerfool are same person. @admin @vijju123 please take steps about this.
It is not allowed to have 2 user id of a single person.


Yes bro I have written this because I also agree with some point of @vvvvv5 .
Then I edited it because I think that u people call me the user of @vvvvv5 profile.
Lol same thing happened.
Rest is up to u ,enjoy .

@admin please remove or suspend the user @vvvvv5. Because it is proved that it is a fake account. It is not a great matter who is the user of it.