False result thrown by Moss

Today, I received a mail from Codechef stating that my solution has matched to someone else’s and my ratings will be dropped. Link to the submissions:



I would like to bring your attention on few points:-

  • you can see my submissions, I don’t like to use bits/stdc++.h
  • this question can easily be solved partially via trie, so most of people have similar logic.
  • I think my code have some variable name matches to that users code but this doesn’t mean I copied someone or someone copied me.
  • I never use return 0 in main function instead I use void as argument in main function.
  • That user created a variable called end in trie, may be to detect the end of the perticular string in trie. You can clearly see that I didn’t create that.
  • He created a function called search, may be to print the trie. You can clearly see that I didn’t do that in my code.
  • He uses a variable called ans to calculate the final answer and break the loop at line 134. You can clearly see that I didn’t do that in my code.
  • In main function he created an array of all given strings called s. But I didn’t create any kinda array at the time of input.

I did not use any online ide so there is no chance of plagiarism and this is a binary trie so most of people creating trie in same way. I would request codechef to look into this matter.

@admin @vijju123

Thank you !

you can reply to the email you received with the information mentioned in the question.

I did but I didn’t get any response :frowning:


You will get a response. I am busy atm, so I will answer your query later. AFAIK there are over 300 mails which were sent to @admin between 12:40 midnight to 1:30am so expect some time taken in replies.

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