Fast Fail - "Skipped Testfiles"

Hi all,

We have introduced a new feature called “Fast Fail”. In problems which have only one subtask, earlier all the testfiles used to be judged. But now, the judging will stop after the first file where the verdict is not AC.

For eg. if there are 10 test files, and a subission gets AC in the first 3 files, but the 4th test fie gets a WA (or any other non-AC verdict), the judging will stop there, and the other 6 files will not be judged. They will instead have a “Skipped Testfile” verdict.

This will help in reducing the wait time to get a verdict after you submit a code.

This problem has only one subtask
This submission works immediately for fast fail but it shows wrong answer on 0th tasks and correct answer on 1st and 2nd tasks it is used to get a skipped verdict from 1st task to 6th task when we see wrong answer on 0th task.

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Hey @whitepalace, yes you are right. The fail fast was disabled on this problem, because of a misconfiguration. I have enabled fail fast on this problems as well.

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good idea good to reduce compile when we exceute this code like row.

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When will rated contests start??

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This decision seems good for live contests, as it will quickly conclude on the submission verdict.
Surely, this will reduce load on judge from keeping on checking a problem with known non-AC verdict.
But I think this should not be updated as such for practice section. I have my reasons for it:

  • Getting all test results helps there in understanding closeness of a submission to a problems testcases. Say if it failed during initial few test files out of several, it wouldn’t give an idea on whether that attempt was fairly incorrect or was just somewhat deviated on corner case(s).
    • This in turn might take more follow-on submissions to reach till all ACs.
  • There’s not rush during personal practice, so waiting somewhat more to understand the fitness of our submission against all testcases should be fine.

I understand that there could be other preferences as per person’s level and expectations, so it may even work better if this Fast Fail feature can be optionally opted into during Practice.


I am continuously experiencing this problem with the “Skipped Testfiles” feature, all the test cases work but it just skips it.

Should be fixed now.

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Chef Stupid Feature


My output is right but ur new feature just skipped text cases and says me my answer is wrong

2nd file is skipped because first test file gave Wrong answer. You need to fix your code so that first test file gives Accepted.