Fast Fourier Transform - Video Tutorial(in Hindi)

Hey guys,

This is me Vikas kumar jha(Jumbo).
I had made a playlist for the Fast Fourier Transform HERE.

Here, I made a playlist of five video, where
First video is on basic overview of F.F.T.
Second video is on explanation of D.F.T.
Third video is on dry run an example of D.F.T.
Fourth video is on explanation of Inverse F.F.T.
Fifth video is on dry run an example of Inverse F.F.T.

If you like my teaching method, then you can suggest me more topics which you feel hard. I will try to make cakewalk for you.

Feedbacks are most welcome.
Thanks for reading.


would be better and helpful for all who wanna learn if you teach in english just like you could type in english… make a english version please or else change title as for hindi speakers only


Hey @vkjha1010, thanks for the tutorials. Just one suggestion, in competitive programming, it’s not really that crucial to know how fft algorithm works. We just need it to multiply polynomials. It would be more helpful if you make videos on standard problems that can be solved using polynomial multiplication (and in turn fft), like the string matching problem

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Great work !! Keep going :slight_smile:

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Sorry dude, for inconvenience. i updated it.

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Yes, you are right. I will make videos on that also after my semester exams.

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Make Videos on string matching and hld plz!

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