FCTRL2 - Help required!

The problem no is FCTRL2

althought we cannot store the result for n=100 in long,long long int etc . but long double(16 bytes) does seem to return a valid output,yet the solution is not getting accepted can anyone explain why? Thanks

my submission: https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/26122025

Always try to link your submitted code to the problem, which will be present under the My Submissions tab on the problem page.


Still very new to all this ,will do it .Thanks,

edit: link added!

factorial(100) has 158 digits. The size of long double is 10 bytes, which can accommodate around 24 digits , it is the case of overflow. The problem is not designed to be solved this way.
Spoiler Alert- You have to use paper-pen multiplication technique to solve it.


That helped.Thanks! although checking with the codechef compiler the size of long double seems to 16 and not 10!. But displayed a huge number of e power 155 as o/p i assumed it to be the right answer! which is mkistake on my part.Thanks again for clearing it up.

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Psst! Use Python…

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Yes, using C++ is overkill but if you are a beginner it’s a good implementation exercise.

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