Feature Request

Suppose I solve a question in long challenge , then if I view that problem through the contest page i.e. the contest url , then in my submissions , I can quite obviously view my submission to that problem.
But say , if I’m on the “Practise” page of the problem , the green tick to the right indicating that I’ve solved the problem is present but when I click view submissions it says I haven’t made any submissions , because I haven’t made a submission after that problem has been added to practise :frowning:
So , I wanted to request a feature to show the contest submission in the practise page !
And to know what the community wants :slight_smile:

I appreciate your reply but my concern was the following :slight_smile: :
Say you’ve solved this question in contest only
Then you go the problem page say SLAB Problem - CodeChef <= The practise page of the problem.
Now you see a green tick but when you click on “My Submissions” you don’t see your submission because you never solved the problem in practise , only in contest !

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