Feature request

Whenever we solve a problem in a contest our submissions are only visible on that contest page.
After sometime when the problem is put into practice. our submissions are not visible. It will be great if our same submissions can be made visible on practice page as well.


Yeah It’s a great thing to add as we some time need to take reference from previous solved problem.

Not sure what you mean by this. After a contest is over, not just your submissions, but everyone else’s submissions are also typically made visible to all. Explain a bit more?

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I think he meant that the contest problem and the practice problem (for the same problem code), are different - i.e., the submissions are not clubbed (which it should be). So, if you submit during a contest, that submission won’t be visible in the practice problem page. (hence, no green tick)

I think the green tick shows, but I agree that the solutions are no clubbed.

Actually contest submissions aren’t shown in my submissions. It’s not a big problem because you can search on all submissions.

Exactly what @arvindpunk said.

but there is no green tick as well that I have solved this problem.