FEB'21 Long Challenge Deadline Extension

@alei and @admin please extend the Feb long challenge deadline by two more days as the BASH problem was uploaded later on and the contest had some very challenging problems so the contestants couldn’t get enough time to try BASH and CUTCAKE, it would be great if the contest deadline gets extended by two more days.

@alei Please kindly extend the contest deadline, the people who think this is going to help you then please give it a like!



So now I see why are you asking extension, your solutions are just copied, and you were expecting that you would get answers to BASH and CUTCAKE in 2 days :rofl: :rofl:
Everyone who agrees with me, please like this.


Yes, I strongly agree with you.I checked his solution and it is much similar to the ones most of them have submitted.

That means you checked youtube in ongoing contest for solutions

I don’t participate in cc contests.

i don’t think BASH is a problem which you can solve by simple copying(i mean most of it was right there in the internet, yet it has very few submissions)


Bro the official solutions are already out. Don’t worry next time kar lena.




Please don’t accuse anyone baselessly look at his solution All the variable names are different. Only 90% plagiarism.


:rofl: :rofl:


Just cc cheater things

Well I only saw the problems MULGAME and SUMXOR2 during the contest, I wasn’t able to solve MULGAME but the number of submissions were very high. Then I got to know that someone made a youtube video of the solution and posted the code.
Same can be the case with BASH if you increase the length of challenge.

Why do these people post their solutions on youtube? The one who wrote the original code of these hard problems should really be a good problem solver, yet he just posts his hard work. Is it to let others down so that they never learn or just to gain subscribers?

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For MULGAME, I believe a lot of people guessed the soln(it was a simple 1 tbh), and so there was enough time to circulate the solution. I don’t think there was a guessy way out for BASH.

The editorial in MULGAME says f mod (A_{L_i}+A_{R_i}) \geq A_{L_i} . Was this your approach too? Can you please share some resources for this?

I used somewhat similar approach where I had first found out the nim game result if it was played on a pile of size k using an array of moves only. Nearly all of it is given here.
After that, I had obtained a pattern for what numbers Alice could win, which came to [a_l,a_l+a_r) evenly separated at a distance of [a_l+a_r] and constructed my answer accordingly. My time complexity was around m.log(m). I think the key factor that helped me here was the fact A_1+A_i\geq A_{i+1}.
My code.

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lol, the funniest thing I saw today on CodeChef :sweat_smile:

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