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In the question it is not written that we have to make the permutation with the natural numbers starting from 1 and ending at ‘n’. We can make permutation of any numbers, isn’t it? And it is also written that if multiple permutation are possible, output any of them.
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If you agree with me, then please see that, shouldn’t my answer be correct?!
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By definition, A permutation is a sequence of integers from 1 to n of length n containing each number exactly once.
Since it was mentioned that we have to make a permutation, it itself implies that we have to make it with the natural numbers starting from 1 and ending at ‘n’.

I think this will help you:

Permutation is arrangement of a set or number of things, in the question its not written anything like, permutation of set of first N natural numbers.
So, its not clear from the question that we have to take the first N natural numbers for the permutation, we can take any set of numbers.
If I am wrong, then please correct me!

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People in the problem setting panel were really careless about it. How can one assume the word Permutation as an arrangement of numbers from 1 to N?

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