Feedback for december lunchtime 2017- Give your reviews here

Please give your reviews here on the probemset of december lunchtime 2017.This will help me in improving the problemset next time I host a contest.

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Great contest ! Perfect distribution in level of questions . Good job !

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I liked the whole problem set. Finally we had a problemset where 3rd problem was not elusive to around 25 coders only(as had been the case of few previous lunchtimes), but was solvable, enough to keep you busy though.


The contest was perfect. I feel the question that finally stretches a participant should be something that motivates them to learn something new. I read up combinatorics and state DP because of it, so it was a win for me. Great job!

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I liked the problem set. The questions were decent, and as others said, the gap between p2 and p3 was good. I regret leaving p3 because “p3 was impossible in all previous contest- it will be now as well.”

One suggestion is that, problem 2 was quite easily googleable. I understand that it was meant to be an easy problem, but its best suggested that problems arent easily googleable in a contest where time of submission matters.

But other than that, I am highly satisfied with the level of difficulty, the code required and the STL introduced by p2, which are actually rare. I appreciate p2 on that ground.


This was indeed one of my favorite Lunchtimes… The problems were quite good.
Thank you for such a great contest and hope to see many more from you :slight_smile:

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I missed it intentionally but now i am regretting it after reading comments :-/ . There must be some feature similar to virtual contests in CF.

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The progressive level and the number of people solving them successfully was almost optimum. One of the better Lunchtimes in a long time even for beginners and experts equally.

Great work @abx_2109

Keep it up! and a Happy New Year!


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I really liked the problem set and the way the level of hardness is distributed. Its good to have contest with problems like that. I face problem in 3rd question but it is easy to solve.

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Thanks a lot @rohit25697 !

Yes I didn’t intend to keep the 3rd problem so hard because I think it shouldn’t be that hard.
PS : Thanks

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Thanks @ruddradev . I am glad you liked it.

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Yeah. I too had been feeling that it shouldn’t be that hard as it had been in last few lunchtimes.

PS: i got huge rating jump :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot @dishant_18 for your appreciation.

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Thanks for your reviews @vijju123 .

Good set of problems,and having a dp problem before inoi of similar difficulty is useful for people preparing for inoi

Thanks a lot @codesniper99. Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Thanks @codex0196 for your feedback!

Thanks @lokesh2002.