Feedback regarding March long challenge

Hi All,

Please provide your valuable feedback regarding the March long contest. I think problems were slightly difficult that previous. What are your views regarding this? Please point out any possible areas where we can improve in the upcoming long challenges !!

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It was true, but it was good because it makes that we investigated more than the usual maybe in most of the competitors case, so I believe that challenges like this one are welcome :slight_smile:

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It was much better than previous ones . I suggest to decrease the upper bound of difficulty and increase the lower bound a little more.

I just wish one more thing that instead of always trying to make problems tough by involving things like Fast fourier transform etc . It would be much better if we are taught variations in the classical techniques.


@dpraveen ,I have a querry regarding matrix problem in march challenge 2015.

Logic of my code and that of my friend was almost same but my code got tle in subtask 1 #task 2 &subtask 4 #task 14 where as my friend got AC.

can you explain ??plz…

i think for first 2-3 problem implementation should be a bit more challenging rather than looking into question for trick to solve it, which leaves one with a trivial implementation.I mean more focus should be on implementations which are not so trivial.

Coz i will give up on a problem if i cant find some logic , but i will keep on trying if i can see the solution and feel that i can code it even if i cant.

Thanks for all your efforts, helps lot in learning :slight_smile:


Questions like Signwave waste time and should not be added. It was just a question of observation.


Most of the question were based on tricks,observations and maths.I would like if they were more based on using new data structures and algorithms.


Of course Signwave is waste of time and only a question of observation


sign wave is a question of pure trigonometry and observation

I was wondering why top soutions are codechef are no longer ordered by time first and then by memory? I always feel curious to see the most efficient solution unfortunately some of the more efficient ones get pushed to the back! Also the solutions that take the least memory are only those with the least “memory in stack”. Often the top solutions use the same amount of memory that other codes do, only thing is that the memory in heap is not counted! So, I request you to please order the solutions by time again. :slight_smile: Just a suggestion.


i strongly support @fool_for_cs . the solutions should be sorted according to the running time

Great contest,learnt use of offline approaches and disjoint sets.
Enjoyed thoroughly!!!

the questions like sereja and random array only require some deep observation and very hard to get the trick.
plz give some focus on classical algorithms…


Really liked QCHEF. Took a lot of attempts to get it to AC, but totally worth it :smiley:

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Problems were good enough for one to enjoy the contest. Problems should be focused more on logic/trick than implementation.

I spent quite a lot of time solving these problems. The contest was more difficult than the previous ones. I’m looking forward to see the editorials for QCHEF, TREECNT2 and RNG.

Good contest. But I really didn’t like EMBED. Challenge problems should be more interesting. In my opinion, each participant may get some points on challenge problem.

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STRSUB and #QCHEF - Awesome problems (y)


i like this type of contest where the variation in difficulty varies like that…this contest was in the competing mode even though i did not participated cause of exams…i would really like this type of contest in future

The problems were really nice . It would be more fun if more questions were there in the long contest .

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