Feedback thread for COOK96

You can consider both the answer correct. as this printing of matrix has no relation to the logic. logic is correct and is important. So, Please consider both the answers to be correct.

I will forward your request to @admin, but most probably he is going to reject it. Nevertheless, I will give it a shot for you.

Thank you so much. As I am in 4th year so I might also get a call from share chat for internship or job. also, there are many who might have the same issue. if this issue is considered then true rank and rating based on logic will be there.

Sorry, but after going through your request and debate, @admin rejected it. It will set a very bad precedent if we accept it.

Fine, I can understand.

Can you please provide the same information about the issue to share chat team ??

i didn’t get a call coming 15th globally in long,XD

So…maybe u can understand what i am saying…

Nothing about the editorials? :slight_smile: XD

Okay :slight_smile:
Added it to my calendar :slight_smile:
Don’t want to miss any contests !

We are glad to hear that @emp_error

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Hey @vijju123: I appreciate the time and effort you always put in designing editorials on time, and in such great detail. Sadly, I am still going through the editorials of the July Long contest and upsolving them before getting to Cookoff :). They are also designed very well. Keep up the good work, and I hope to contribute when I get a little better at solving problems.

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