Feedback thread for COOK96

Hello guys,

I hope you guys enjoyed this cook-off. Hasan (@kingofnumbers) was busy with problem preparation, and hence was unable to post the announcement thread here on discuss. We are sorry for that.

Please give your feedback on the contest here - as it will help the @admin to organize them better.

We are aware of input inconsistency in question ORAMTRIX ,all solutions will be rejudged to maintain fairness. If you have any better suggestion, please let us know.

Editorials for all the problems are also written, and will be shortly posted by @admin after contest. I hope you enjoy them. The editorials of 2 problems were written in a rush, as the questions were prepared at the last moment- I request you to be patient with me and point out any doubts, raise clarification requests and give suggestions to improve their quality.

On behalf of setting panel, I’d like to express my gratitude for joining this contest and hope you guys liked the problems. :slight_smile:


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Editorials were on time. :slight_smile:

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In the last (± 10) minutes of the contest i experienced some server issues (pages not loaded, error codes 500, 504). Fortunately, I had just submitted my code when those issues started (received TLE)

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what happened to the F2NDMAX editorial?

I like the Chef Vijju’s corner that you put at the end of every editorial :slight_smile:

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It went good. Faced very few issues with the contest. The questions were very well framed and the only issue was with ORAMTRIX. I’m kinda new here, do these contests always take place at this time (I’m from India). The contest was on Sunday night. Would it be possible to conduct the contests on Saturday night or a different time ?

It was quite well set, my only complaint is the long loading times during the end (considering that I corrected my bug around the end of the contest, and was not able to submit).

However, also considering that my solution had another bug which I probably would not have found in the few minutes that were wasted, I have no complaints. Still, performance issues are there.

When will the rating change be seen?

@admin , @kingofnumbers, @vijju123 As this contest is not for the rating but also for internships and jobs at share chat, Please also consider the following case in “OR MATRIX”.I was Printing “-1” only not the whole matrix of “-1” when it is impossible. If your answer will take only “-1” as the answer, not the matrix of “-1”. then a drastic change will be there in my rank and rating and probably I will be in four-star and might get a call from share chat also. Please consider.

the rank list shows my submission time is : 1:27:26 hours( 3 wrong submissions).
my first submission with that same logic is 37min 40 sec only.
you can see the difference that can be there if only “-1” is the answer.

The questions were really good. And it was a special Cookoff for me since it’s the first time I got a double digit rank :). Keep designing such amazing contests.

Same happened with me also. But Fortunately, I had received WA.

@kingofnumbers hadn’t finished beta reading it and hence called it back for beta-reading. There are some concerns which might need to be rectified and editorial might need to undergo some editing. It will be up soon :slight_smile:

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2nd last sunday of the month at 9:30 pm - cookoff

last saturday of the month at 7:30 pm - lunchtime

Had to work a little harder this time. The rush was realll XD. I am glad its appreciated :slight_smile:

The editorial is up again :slight_smile:

So sweet of you! I try to make sure to give something extra to my favourite community :wink:


Yes, the timing is exactly same for all 3 rated contests of codechef. You can check them out at the main website :slight_smile:

A little delayed because of rejudge issue. It should be done soon.

Yes, there was some unexpected server issue arising in last few minutes- that also delayed in publishing of editorials. @admin will try to get to root of it. Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

No. The output section clearly specified that for all test cases print N lines with M integers each, which can be -1 or anything else. There were many other contestants in your shoes as well, and doing this exception would mean doing this exception for each of them to maintain fairness. We cannot do that.