Fibonacci Sequence - A complete guide

Hello guys,

There are various methods to solve Fibonacci sequence problems. But I was not able to find any place where all methods to find Fibonacci were discussed with both proper mathematical explanation and implementation. Therefore, I have written an article for Fibonacci Sequence on my blog which covers all mathematical concepts and implementations and is suitable for beginners.

Topics covered are:-

  1. Brute Force approach ( O(2^n) )
  2. Dynamic Programming approach ( O(n) )
  3. Matrix exponential approach ( O(logn) )
  4. Golden number ratio (well explained) ( O(logn) )
  5. Analysis of growth of Fibonacci Sequence

Here is the link : Fibonacci Sequence

I hope you find this article insightful

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Nice work man :+1:
I had a request, Can you write a blog including proof about Matrix Exponentiation Techniques to Solve Recurrence Relations.
I think there are blogs related to this topics but they are kind of confusing. They didn’t specifically tell about how to create a transformation matrix.

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Yeah bro…I will try to write on matrix exponential as soon as possible

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Here is the link for blog on Matrix Exponentiation

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Thanks for entertaining the request, appreciate it :slight_smile: