Filtering our already solved problems

I generally solve problems in CodeChef not from practice section but I go to constest section and select some contest on random and then solve problems from it.
But in codechef i can’t even see the questions that i have solved previously.So what’s the solution for this?
If there is no solution why can’t codechef work on this. I don’t think this is very difficult(although I don’t know how to do this) because (Codeforces already has this).


All the problems that you have solved are displayed at the bottom of your profile.

that’s not what i needed.
What i need was when I open a contest , it should show me the problems that I have solved earlier

Well, right now it shows a green tick if you have solved it during the contest. However, having some sort of track on problems solved post-contest, like you have said, would also be helpful. Hope CodeChef works on this soon!

some please look into this.
there are some blogs like Mark solved problems . But i can’ t
understand the installation procedure.If it is relevant here please elaborate the installation procedure :pray: :pray: :pray:

some one reply!!!plzzzzzzzzzz

Rather than going to the original contest page, you can instead search the “practice” section by the appropriate tag.

For example, for the “may cook-off” problems, consider using instead of or

The search by tag includes your submission status on each problem.

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thanks @banoffee