Finding a team member!

Hello ! Hope you all well. Firstly let me introduce myself.
I’m Begum. Now I’m a student at the university. And nowadays I’ve realized that the school has didn’t give me the practice skill that I need. Because in last 2 weeks I’ve been having an interview for traineeship and I saw that although I’m studying a lot to my lectures, the real-life questions are different than the school. So that I’ve decided to solve the practice questions on here. But it forced me a lot. Thus, I’m looking for a teammate who can study with me, sharing information with each other, and so on… Please do not hesitate to me contact. Feel free to write. If more than one person writes I may open a WhatsApp group and we can study together. Thank you all!


i am me on my discord chouhanviky9#0749.

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In which year you are studying?

Hi again, I tried to add you but I think you gave wrong nickname

3rd year.

Hey @rebelangelll I am interested , I am also finding one who can help me .

Hey @rebelangelll , I’m interested.

hey, i am also interested . but i’m new on codechief and i’m going to join colleage this year.
in last contest i’ve only solved 4 problem of division 3. currently i’m studying numbertheroy.
you can contact to me here
my telegram channel link:- Telegram: Contact @studywithabhikant

Hi, I am searching for teammates as well. I am excited to study together. Feel free to ping me at darkPho3nix#8413 on discord

Hi Id also like to get added in the group my discord id is SSR#0850

Hey begum! Nice to connect with you! I would be more than happy to connect with you to learn!

Hi, if you have discord you can add me rebelangelll#9278. I’ll wait for you!

Hi, if you have discord you can add me rebelangelll#9278. I’ll wait for you!

I added you :slight_smile:

I added you on discord :slight_smile:

hi, I was happy to hear! But unfortunately, I don’t have a telegram :confused:

i am also interested.

Hello, it is good to hear! Could you please add me on discord? rebelangelll#9278

can you add me on discord because i dont no much about discord and how can i add you.
my discord

Hey, @rebelangelll I’m interested , ping me on discord Clever Coder#2230