First to solve problem ( 100 laddus )

Hello frands ,

We all know that the first to solve a problem in contests will get 100 laddus.
But one thing I got to know is

It doesnt matter which division you are in , but the first to solve ANY division ONLY will get 100 laddus.
Usually many in div1 do the non-scorables as it wont affect their ratings , and they only solve the problem first compared to div2 , therefore they are ruling out those who solve first in div2
I think this is not fair for those who are in div2 ( Pls let me know what you think )

I request @admin @vijju123 to resolve this if you think this is not fair


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Unfortunately, a lot of things related to prizes are ‘unfair’ towards Div-2 coders - for instance the number of laddus up for grabs is paltry compared to Div-1. That is because sandbagging (an experienced user either deliberately lowering their rating, or creating a fake account in Div-2, with the sole purpose of gaming the system and earning prizes) is very hard to detect and stop. Hence we give very few incentives for this to be done.

In an ideal world, we’d love to offer almost the same number of laddus in Div-2 as we do in Div-1, and maybe even create more such ladders to motivate beginners, but sadly such things get misused way too often.