Flutter developement

we require an intern candidate for the flutter development.

The job description is as mentioned below:

Skill Set-

  1. Knowledge of Flutter SDK, Android Studio or IntelliJ or Visual Studio Code or Xcode.

  2. Dart, Flutter, Javascript.

  3. Mobile Development Knowledge.

  4. Candidate must have developed at least one application in flutter.

  5. Understanding of server side languages.

  6. Logical thinking.

  7. The candidate should be passionate in programming and should be ready for adapting new technological changes.

Practical Task or Problem statement-

Create a small flutter app, which will include:

at 2 user accounts
Enables geo-fencing
Enables placing the AR (Augmented Reality) Virtual tokens to define geo fencing
Enables handing off the AR (Augmented Reality) tokens placed in a three dimensional measure (for example placing token in a the living room on the 5th floor of an apartment) by one user and picked up later by another user
If the AR token can be customisable, it will be an added attraction.

Timeline for task :Before 17th June 2021

Offer: Currently we are offering INR 10K per month for next 6 months. Post 6 months our management will examine the deliverables and the performance, which might lead to full time employment offer.

Our Company details:

Note : For any concerns, please reach out at +91-9029346927