Fool you 2019

What a wonderful contest! Great problems that requires outbox thinking and a lot of luck !
I was first for the last 2-3 hours of contest. Less than 5 contesters solved all problems except last 2. But funny thing happened at the end. One of the contestants who didn’t solve the PUZZ15 problem get AC on EIG8!!! Great job !!! And couple minutes later another top guy from the same university get AC on that problem with exactly same code !!! And at the same time/ the guy who solved EIG8 first, get AC on PUZZ15 with almost the same code (I believe he is really smart cause at least have changed the code little bit).
And what is the result? Now those two cheaters are top 1 and top 2 …
This really pissed me off after I have checked their solutions. Everyone can check this after contest.
MOREOVER one of them have already beed caught on plagiarism.
I was sleeping only 2 hours to write this contest (not the best contest time for me).
I want the admins of the contest to take care of it and disqualify those cheaters.


You should mention @admin so that they can read you post directly via notification. Yes this is a big problem in contests and headache when some people copy and paste solutions of others :expressionless: