For c++ which ide is best?


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VS code is best

Sublime and VS code along with there extensions both are my favourite.

People are commenting out text editors like sublime. I good IDE for c++ is CLION having features for development and code debugging, syntax correction as well.

I personally like sublime text and Atom

can u share the setup of sublime text for c++.

Here it is

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Code blocks


CodeBlocks is one of the best IDE for c/c++ development. Apart from it Sublime text 3 is also one of the best editor,but the major difference between codeblocks and sublime is : codeblocks shows recommendations of the pre-defined functions of c/c++ while sublime donot!.

So,if you are beginner then i will suggest go for sublime else use blocks, as codeblocks is mainly for developers not for beginners.

Can we have add "User Snippet " in geany like for segment tree code snippet any many short hand code snippet??